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Now a feature film that had it's world premiere at the 2019 Valley Film Festival!

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Season 3 Finale Now Online!

Season 3 of the critically acclaimed "and Boris The Web Series" finds Boris having to prove his worth to the TAKA unit while confronting the ghosts of his past.


Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys, Gotham, Heroes) guest stars as Vladimir, Boris' old KGB partner.


TJ Storm (Deadpool, Kickboxer: Vengence, Black Cobra) guest stars as Wallace, the British head of enforcement for The Group who is relentless in his pursuit of Boris and his team.


Boris must get help from an old friend, Maya Reddy, played by Kavi Ladnier (Heroes, Just Add Magic) and convince his former TAKA Unit friends to believe in him once again.


Michael Proctor (Peter Mulligan), Sarah Barton (Emily Holmes), Amy Oakes (Amy), Ari Levin (Snyder) and Jason Young (John Kale) return as the TAKA Unit. Also featuring Scott Donovan, Derek Anthony, Jennifer Emily McLean, Susan Slome, Trinidad Zeus Nizelli and Brendan McNamara.


Season 2 finds Boris helping the TAKA Unit find Snyder's sister, Amy, who has gone missing from a burlesque dance troupe in Los Angeles. All roads begin to lead back to Boris as the brothel owner may have ties to The Group. 

Nick Spano (Even Stevens) joins the cast as Amy's boyfriend who joins the hunt and Emy Coligado guest stars as Angelica the leader of the burlesque troupe where girls have gone missing.


Michael Proctor (Peter Mulligan), Sarah Barton (Emily Holmes) and Jason Young (John Kale) return as the TAKA Unit. Also featuring Susan Slome (Friends) as Margo and Jennifer Emily McLean returns as the Professor. Aryiel Hartman as Cookie and Jeaneen Tang as one of the burlesque dancers.


The first season, from 2009, of this exciting and funny action/adventure web series from the producing team of David P. Kronmiller and Jennifer Emily McLean starring J. Anthony McCarthy as Boris.

Guest starring Steve Braun (Harold and Kumar go to White Castle) as Alexander, Boris' nephew who may be involved in a plot to unleash a nerve agent on Los Angeles.

Christi Insley as Katerina and Ari Levin as Snyder are by Alexander's side as Boris squares off with the TAKA Unit by his side.

Co-starring Michael Proctor as Agent Peter Mulligan, Jenny Baek as Kimmy and Josh Hime as Charles and Jason Young as Kale.

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