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We went to WorldCon76!!! We are very grateful to Anna Diamond who invited us to appear on two panels, first on Saturday we spoke on the S.T.E.A.M. panel sharing our experiences making the movie with our 2-3 year old often on set. And on Sunday we were on the Pros and Cons of Indie Filmmaking Panel sharing our time making the movie, working with a limited budget and how we convinced a Star Trek Captain to be in the film.

If you attended WorldCon76  we gave you a special password that unlocked an exclusive Boris and the Bomb scene from the movie!! 

We had a blast at the con and we were excited to meet some new fans for the movie and experience the wonder that is Worldcon76. It was a honor doing the S.T.E.A.M. panel alongside the Chair of the Convention, Kevin Roche from IBM; an amazing individual who's passion about science and the arts is infectious. The insights he shared about his own struggles as he found his path in life were illuminating for those still finding theirs. 

And then there were all the costumes and booths and auctions, truly a unique community of dreamers and optimists. Something often lacking in today's interactions but present in abundance at the con. 

We premiered the full theatrical trailer for "Boris and the Bomb" and the audience reaction was a huge relief as they loved it. And they laughed! They actually laughed! At the right parts!

We cannot wait to attend Worldcon77!

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